ShootOut Podcast 29 January 2018

The ShootOut Podcast is back this week with a host of topics to talk about! Self-proclaimed “campiones del parque” Abel and Peter review the recent El Paso Golden Gloves Regional for up-and-coming and amateur boxers; Michael Montes brings up Super Bowl predictions and why he’d rather do the […]

Let’s Go Streaking!!!

That’s right!!! I’m all about the streaks, and I’m not talking about the ones on my underwear. I’m talking about one of my favorite fantasy sport games, it’s the ESPN Fantasy Streak. This game is fairly simple and allows individuals to choose the outcome of various sports and […]

Chief Wahoo is Out

As a Cleveland Indians fan, I don’t know how to react to the news that my ball club will no longer be using Chief Wahoo as a logo. Am I upset? Not really, it was something that had long been talked about with many organizations who displayed an […]