Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 w/ UTEP Defensive Coordinator and LB’s Coach, Mike Cox

Miners Football

The UTEP Miners signed 27 total players on National Signing day. 14 offensive, 10 defensive and 3 specialist. Photo Credit: Andres Acosta/ El Paso Herald-Post

“The Gunslinger” Mike Tipton welcomes UTEP’s new Linebackers Coach, Mike Cox on this Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1!

Coach Cox details his time in the Big 12, how facing players like Patrick Mahomes will help translate his defense to players, the bad wrap the Big 12 gets for “not playing defense” and most importantly, has he had any salsa from former Idaho teammate, Mark Schlereth?!?

Coach explains the task facing the 2018 Miners as they look to move passed an interesting, to say the least 2017 season, and embrace the #EPMAD movement that has swept through El Paso. Will losing a player like Alvin Jones hurt the team? How hard was it to recruit to El Paso? What type of defense will the new look Miners run? Probably the most important thought on everyone’s mind.. Will there be a Pick Axe for every defensive player that gets a pick?

All this and more on this Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1, with UTEP Linebackers Coach Mike Cox!

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