Jim Senter Townhall summary

It’s been more than a week since the historic three hour town hall at Tortugas where anyone in attendance had an open forum to ask questions to Miners athletic director, Jim Senter, hoping to get answers that in year’s past always went unanswered.  I’ll say some really good topics were covered that evening ranging from tailgating to the athletic budget deficit.  What was difficult to distinguish was how many people that tend to tweet or call in to SportsTalk regarding the program were actually there to participate. I glanced the room throughout the almost three hours I was in attendance and I’ll say I was disappointed MORE people did not attend.

The vibe Miner Athletic Director Jim Senter has created is something ALL UTEP fans need to take advantage considering who knows when it could stop.  Having to hear excuses as to why you could not attend ANY of the townhalls has me asking myself  “How can you still be harping to others about doing something you yourself haven’t done yet?” It tends to come across as a cop out when excuses about location, time, or prior commitments are given.  Two additional townhalls were scheduled this weekend in case you couldn’t attend the “historic” one. The Tortugas townhall was downright epic simply due to the fact that to have that kind of time length & access to ask away to your university AD is not something that’s very common.

You would think with the kind of schedule Jim Senter had this weekend he would have no time for anything else right? Think again he also made an appearance at an Eastside Lowe’s store to speak to employees so this man has literally been campaigning on steroids to win the community’s trust as well as support.

In concluding this piece,  I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical in terms of what to expect from our new athletic director. Would it be the typical lip service of “We plan to get this athletic program to the top.” No, Jim Senter surprised us all by “flipping the script” like I tend to say,  when he called all of us El Pasoans to join him in making a difference with this university.  Any other candidate, who took this job, easily could have come in knowing the support is at an all time low thus coming across as downright impersonal to Miners fans.   Instead he came in with a nothing to lose attitude mixed in with a contagious, positive energy that has brought a sense of inclusion that has NEVER been felt in this city before. For that we all thank you Jim Senter for really allowing us to feel the hashtag #EPMAD down to our cores.  Still there is tons of work left to do so if any of you skeptics doubt the secret sauce Jim Senter is serving by all means stop him so you can have a taste yourselves. This last tweet has always resonated with me especially now more than ever…………….IF YOU WANT CHANGE THEN YOU NEED TO GET UP FROM THE SIDELINES & GET IN THE GAME. AND STAY IN THE GAME………………………………..

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