Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 w/ Jennifer Han 20 Feb 18

Credit: Andres Acosta/El Paso Herald-Post

El Paso’s Sweetheart was victorious in a fight that was grueling and downright “ugly” at times, as the IBF Featherweight Champion of the World defended her title against Argentinian, via Bolivia, Lizbeth Crespo.

Credit: Michael Montes

As the fight wore on, Jennifer tells the GunSlinger in this Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1, what caused her the biggest issues during the fight. How her deep cut over her eye, caused by a head-butt, effected her and how her 1 year lay off could have changed the outcome of the fight.

Mike Tipton asks, “What more can she and other women do to finally gain respect from the boxing talking heads?” And she gives an in-depth answer as to what more can be done as Boxing finds itself behind the 8-Ball, as far as promoting their women fighters.

Credit Peter Carrillo

Credit: Peter Carrillo

The champ gives us her perspective on the outcome of the controversial Devin Alexander and Victor Ortiz & what this win can mean for Las Cruces’ Austin “No Doubt” Trout?

All this and more as IBF Featherweight Champion Jennifer Han goes 1 on 1 with Mike Tipton on this Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 Conversation.


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