Boxing Gets it Wrong… Again.

Ortiz Alexander

Credit: Peter Carrillo

A night that was hyped up as “Four Former or Current World Champions in one Place” simply failed to deliver.

On one hand “El Paso’s Sweetheart” IBF Featherweight Champion, Jennifer Han retained her title in a unanimous decision. The Highlight of the Night as she should be called. However Fox and Boxing STILL got it wrong.


Credit: Michael Montes

Another questionable decision, a draw between Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander, has become the staple of many boxing matches these past few events. Either knock em out, or its a draw, seems to be the mindset of many judges who are simply taking the easy way out… or hoping to build upon a much anticipated money driven rematch in the future.

However the much maligned decision between Alexander and Ortiz took a back seat, as El Paso and Las Cruces were left scratching their heads.

Austin “No Doubt” Trout (31-4) left “No Doubt” in his match causing to a unanimous decision and giving the fans from the Border Land what they wanted to see. Jennifer Han, the lone fighter on the card who is a current world champion, handled a more than game Lizbeth Crespo, however… most people didn’t get to watch it.

Jennifer Han 2

Now, I’ll admit, working where I do allows for certain perks, yet even when a clean feed of every basketball game, boxing match, UFC match is available, Fox dipped out quickly and went to their local lineup, before the LONE WORLD CHAMPION on the card got in the ring.

This is unsettling because its shown a big middle finger to the trend that we’ve seen happening in other women’s sports. The UFC headed by Holly Holm, Ronda Rousey and Chris Cyborg have had women main event their pay per views and televised events. The WWE (like them or not) have also pushed forward for their women wrestlers to main event shows, Pay Per Views and even have dark matches after the tapings of Monday Night Raws, a huge step forward in the never ending battle for equality.

Then there’s boxing.

The only current world champion on their card, got no TV time. Instead, there was a good match between Alexander and Ortiz, another featuring the amazing story that is Caleb Plant, and another of two no names who didn’t really deliver for a TV fight. Yet the two people who were billed, sold as part of the marquee, were no where to be found on that same TV program.

Jennifer Han, a WORLD CHAMPION was disrespected by Fox and Boxing officials, who have yet to realize the dominance of the IBF’s Feather Weight Champion, who now has registered 15 wins in her last 17 fights dating back to 2011, and defended her championship 4 consecutive times.

Jennifer Han

This isn’t the first time Boxing has missed out, remember that Holly Holm character? She was 33-2 in her time as a boxer, a world champion as well, and yet left out in the cold to the point she went to the MMA to get her name in the stars.

Boxing isn’t doing themselves any favors in this aspect. Jennifer Han is a tremendous boxer who is getting disrespected by Boxing and TV for not showing her fights. Boxing needs to come the way of the UFC and WWE and welcome their women fighters who put on amazing shows and give them the lime light they deserve, or risk another champion with a martial arts background being tempted to leave the squared circle for the octagon.

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  1. Han needs to be more busy and work harder in promoting herself and be that spokesperson for women in the sport. Needs to act like a champion and be the voice of other women champs in this brutal sport. She needs to fight OUT OF EL PASO

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