How much worse can it get for UTEP MBB this year?

The UTEP Men’s Basketball Team currently sits at 7-17, 2-10 in conference play so far this year. For me to say that this year has been the most trying for all UTEP fans is not exactly news to anyone at this point.  A good portion of fans want the season to be over with already so AD Jim Senter can find the man to bring this program back to respectability.  Some at this point still hold out some hope that the Miners will get hot come the conference tournament, but I’m not one of them.  Simply look at the stats of their last game on Saturday……

The Miners have had five days since to prepare for Charlotte so all one can hope is they play good basketball on both sides of the floor.  This team offensively is ranked 13th in the conference in scoring at a clip of 68 points a game.  They’ve been in most games with the exception of the blowout losses to South Carolina, NMSU,  and Middle Tennessee. At least to me this shows that the other games were winnable by this team.  What do you as fans think it is?  I feel I’ll hear everything from Tim Floyd’s offense sucked to now it’s Phil Johnson shitting the bed. Bottom line this team can’t put it in the basket enough due to bad shot selection mixed in with a lack of passing the basketball. The only team with less assists this season than than UTEP’s 257 is the Charlotte team they are playing tomorrow with 252.  Come on people even hearing illusions of grandeur of how Wade, Magee, & Gilyard are the best trio of guards since the 2007-08 roster that had Jackson, Culpepper, & Stone being held back sounds like a cop out. On a bad team I personally believe it’s when a player has an even bigger opportunity to stick out. While there have been flashes, there has not been enough consistency which is also understandable due to this group being so young, so inexperienced.  Perhaps with another year under their belt these three could be the core of the team going forward or they end up asking for their releases if they do not fit in the new coach’s plans.  These are all realistic scenarios that should not be dismissed. It’s happened before and it could happen again with this team. Defensively do not even get me started on this team as their scotch tape defensive game plan looks like a crushed milk carton with each passing game.

It’s gotten to the point where UTEP fans can’t talk shit about ANYTHING this year. If a fan’s best argument is throwing out the “WE LEAD THE OVERALL SERIES” that shows right there you’re living in the past.  Trust me guys I get it seeing your team shit the bed is never pretty so you learn to eat crow. Now eating crow from someone being critical of your team is a completely different thing. Almost to the point where a fan can react as if you are downright insulting his wife. It’s that deep for some Miner fans!!!!! The best thing I can tell fans is something Marsellus Wallace said regarding PRIDE…….

Lastly I’ll ask again how much worse can it get for UTEP MBB this year?  So bad that the Phil Johnson jokes regarding his postgame pressers leave fans running for the fridge to chug another beer.  At least it hasn’t gotten to the point where the opposing team is doing this to the Miners YET!!!

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