Baseball’s Free Agency; More Than Meets the Eye

The Super Bowl served as a spectacular end to what was a rather underwhelming NFL Post Season. The drop in numbers can be spun in anyway to either highlight the success of the game, or its failure. However it is eventually woven into the fabric of the American Lexicon, it marks the end of the 2017 season, and allows the American public to get off the couch, walk outside and smell the fresh grass as it begins to grow and our baseball fields begin to thaw out… or in Texas, continue to be played on.

The MLB has tried its best to snatch the limelight from the NFL ever since Derek Jeter turned the Miami Marlins into the Yankees own feeder franchise. Yet the news of today isn’t the firing of Billy the Marlin… weird name, but its the lack of MLB Free Agents being signed.

The “Todd Father” Tod Fraizer signed with the Mets for a 2 year/ $17 Million deal, almost half of what was projected for the slugging 3rd baseman. This has some worried about the market and what the MLBPA is calling a tanking season for many MLB franchises.

Unfortunately its never quite that simple.

The MLB has been enjoying a period of boom and has seen plenty of players get over paid time and time again, only to see them not live up to their contracts. We’ve seen the emergence of analytics take every sport by storm and now the question has to be asked. How much has the “Money Ball” mindset shown MLB GM’s and owners, you can win without over paying?

MLB’s PA has done nothing if not have the backs of their players, however with this Boom Time coming to an end, and the specter of Bryce Harpers projected $400 Million deal, one has to wonder, have the GM’s and Owners done whats best for baseball?

The players for all their talent and abilities do not have the power here, no does the MLBPA, it’s the owners.

If you won’t sign the deal for what they’re offering, and other owners see you won’t sign that deal, why would they fight for you? Todd Fraizer just proved that the players will settle for a lower price, because this is after all, the highest level of the sport.

Perhaps its just a facade as teams gear up to have cleared space on their books to throw old timey bags of money at Bryce Harper, or maybe it’s a new era in Baseball where players aren’t over paid, but paid for their true output.

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