AFC East

Super Bowl LII: Predictions, Storylines & an Attempt to Salvage Any Reason to Watch.

NFL.comThe Super Bowl is among us! That sacred time of year for football fans and non-fans to gather around the TV and bask in the greatest spectacle in American Sports. It seems the Eagles have embraced their “Under Dog” role, and the rest of the country, minus New England (Sans Connecticut and Vermont), Cowboys, Giants, Steelers and Washington fans, and the entire state of North Dakota, also known as Mid-West New England, and those hoping to see another Eagles fan run into a Subway Pilar, are pulling for the Eagles to win. That alone, the David vs Goliath battle… well Goliath vs Goliath with one of them having a broad sword and shield and the other having no shield, (lets be honest the Eagles are still REALLY GOOD) leaves most people wondering “Why watch at all this year?” Well because this year is jam packed with storylines, well not really, but there are a few worth while.

As we all know THE “greatest QB of all time” Tom Brady is looking to extend his own record of Super Bowl wins by eyeing his 6th, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise… by himself. An utterly unfathomable feat and a testament to the growing legend of “Touchdown” Tom.

Then come the Eagles, eyeing their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. The Eagles had a magical season, amassing 13 wins in route to an MVP caliber season by 2nd year QB Carson Wentz. All those wins and good feelings came to a screeching halt after the MVP Candidate tore his ACL diving to the end zone.

Enter Nick Foles, future pastor, Texas native, Napoleon Dynamite look alike and former/current Eagles QB. Traded by the Eagles after his own amazing start to a career, for Sam Bradford. Passed up by Geoff and Keenum on the depth chart, long ago when the Rams were located in St. Louis, to backing up Alex Smith in KC. Foles has had the typical journeyman career after holding down the Eagles for a few years and seems to have stamped his name as one of the bigger names in Free Agency. However, the respect for Foles has been few and far between.

The Eagles skimmed by the Giants and lost to the lowly and bi-polar Dallas Cowboys, with Foles as the Starting QB. This lead Vegas and the rest of the World to think that Foles could not lead the Eagles passed the Divisional Round of the playoffs, yet here they are. Time and time again proving the doubters wrong, the Eagles have made it to the Big Dance.

However, it seems the Cinderella story will come to an end because… Tom Brady.Brady Gif


If there was one QB you didn’t want to see in the last game of the year, its undoubtedly Tommy Boy. How can you pick against Bill Belichick when he has two solid weeks to prepare for the backup QB? How do you pick against Tom Brady?

darth belichick

That’s the extent for the storylines for the Super Bowl. Normally there is some sort of drama, but both teams are just good, and toward the end of the regular season, these two teams would have been locks to be there. Minus an injury, the Eagles are exactly where they should be.

The Patriots will win this game in my mind, 27-24 as an Eagles Comeback falls just short.

So why watch the big game, other than peer pressure? Commercials? Sports fan obligations?

THE PROP BETS!!!!! Yes, those often forgot about minimal side wagers are whats is keeping this game together! Safety? Kick-off Return for a TD? Maybe a Top-less Janet Jackson Halftime reboot? How many “Dilly- Dilly’s?”

This is what our Super Bowl has been reduced to! Yet just like the Sports Starved fans we are, we will watch!

Get your wings, beer, burgers dogs friends and family and enjoy this years less than mediocre offering! The “Super” Bowl is here… try to enjoy it.

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