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The Hall of Fame; Pettiness vs Reality


The MLB announced their Hall of Fame Finalist and  though the field was great, it was lacking. With names like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens being continually left out of the Hall of Fame due to their alleged Steroid use. My personal opinion on this has been noted on many occasions, but since the Baseball Writers of America want to pretend like they know EVERYTHING about the sport, yet want the public to believe they had no knowledge of the steroid use… I blame them wholeheartedly. With that being stated, its pettiness to continue the exile of players in the steroid era, or those with any ties to the Mitchell Report.

If the MLB wants their Hall of Fame to truly matter, they would not go the way of “Holier Thank Thou” and take responsibility for their part in the Home Run Derby that was known as the 90’s and early 2000’s. Simply saying they didn’t report it because they were loving the revival of baseball after the 1994 strike season, isn’t enough. How can we as the public trust you, when you not only lied to the public, but hid the fact that steroids were being used.

However, the worst Hall of Fame voting is clearly left up to the NFL HOF Voters.

Keeping players out of the NFL Hall of Fame and the reasons why have become almost as convoluted as determining pass interference, or deciding what a catch is for that matter. This year the NFL Hall of Fame is set to receive it’s new members and players like Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss are seen as the no doubt bids to earn their rightful spot in Canton. But, Get Your Popcorn Ready! Because clouding up that amazing list of players is the controversial yet spectacular Terrell Owens.


T.O. was kept out of the last two Hall of Fame classes because he was a “Bad Teammate” “Surrounded by Drama” and “The Center of Controversy”. All those points valid, yet cannot take from the fact T.O. was THE most dominate receiver since Jerry Rice. Yes Moss will have more TD Catches, but fourth down, down by 5, late in the game, and you need a big catch over the middle to keep the drive moving, who are you going to?

T.O.’s off and on field antics have been the thorn in his side that has kept him on the outside looking in at the legends of the game. However, have we quickly forgotten that Moss famously said “I don’t always play hard“. An offensive quote that should make the biggest T.O. hater kind of think twice about Randy. What is more egregious? Passion and anger or lack of trying?

Then comes the almost mythical Ray Lewis. Did we forget about HIS off the field issue? Yes he “punished” But, If the NFL is going to keep Owens out of the Hall of Fame because of his character, then you need to do the same for Moss and Lewis.

The Hall of Fame isn’t a Hall of Upstanding Citizenship, and if you continue to run on that platform, you need to start kicking people out of the Hall of Fame, you know, like OJ…

Get over yourselves MLB and NFL Writers and Hall of Fame voters and realize you’re being petty, extremely petty.

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