Chief Wahoo is Out

As a Cleveland Indians fan, I don’t know how to react to the news that my ball club will no longer be using Chief Wahoo as a logo. Am I upset? Not really, it was something that had long been talked about with many organizations who displayed an “Indian” in professional and collegiate sports.

I believe it was a move that had to be done, even though things got blown out of proportion. The fact is changing a logo does absolutely nothing to benefit Native American tribes throughout the nation, hopefully The Indians organization can help surrounding reservations with things that they actually need.

This is a very small step in the right direction, But there is a lot more that needs to be done. I’m not going to applaud the commissioner or Cleveland’s organization, If you want to really help out, show us what you have planned for 2019.

Let the public know, that with the change of a logo, you are working with Native Americans side by side. If I see genuine gestures of that kind then obviously the MLB and The Cleveland Indians do care about the true American people.


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