Should UTEP MBB answer the UTSA shade?

Saturday’s game has come and gone with the Miners notching another L on their season record. Before the game as well as throughout the biggest underlying tone on social media became the shade that the UTSA announce team showed to San Antonio native, UTEP guard Kobe Magee. Here’s a clip of Saturday’s pregame introductions:

Most Miner fans that were tuning into the game were left wondering was this a simple mistake or was it in fact throwing shade at Kobe? Considering he had plenty of family as well as friends there to support him, I’d be left saying “WTF was that about?” mixed in with lots of anger, disappointment if I were him. In spite of this Kobe was a complete professional about the snub on Saturday night. Could this have affected his performance during the game? That’s a big IF we will never know for sure. I believe Miner fans were probably more pissed off than even he was with the back & forth posturing by UTSA trying to absolve themselves of the situation.  Ultimately it did get the attention of both athletic directors, Jim Senter and Lisa Campos, enough to comment with the following:

This is what we call doing THE POLITICALLY CORRECT thing involving situations such as these. To quote Peter Griffin, what’s really grinding my gears, is that the UTSA PA guy  probably laughed his ass off knowing nothing major was going to come out of it where say he’d be disciplined for it. YYS personally would play some dirty ball by doing one of the following 1)Turn off the lights as the Roadrunners are about to be announced 2)Simply announced them as “THE UTSA ROADRUNNERS” 3)Announce the Miners starters first followed by the ole HHH DX line of “Now if you’re not down with that…..we got TWO WORDS FOR YOU!” mixed in with a DJ Jason Craig collaboration.  Now UTEP is playing UTSA again on February 10th so if you were in Jeff Limberg’s shoes as the PA what would you as fans do? PLEASE by all means feel free to let it all hang out in the comments sections of the blog. Should UTEP stick to the high road the way Kobe himself did in the following tweet?

Or should they take a page out of the dirtiest player in the game’s playbook? Stay tuned folks……………….

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