El Paso, Why the XFL Needs Us & Why We Need the XFL

In a stunning move to no one, Vince McMahon, yes the WWE Chairman himself, announced that he was going to be relaunching the XFL.

XFL Logo

The League will feature 8 teams, 10 games and a play-off system mirroring that of the NFL.

When asked what type of player he was looking for Vince simply said


“The quality of the human being is just as important as the quality of the player. In the XFL, if you have a DUI, you will not be allowed to play in the XFL. That would eliminate a lot of them.”

Vince was also asked about Social Issues that have plagued the NFL and answered with,

“I have no idea of President Trump will support this. As far as this league is concerned, we’ll have nothing to do with politics and nothing to do with social issues. We’re here to play football and I think our fans want as well.”

Showing he has an understanding of the topics of the day.

But whats most interesting? The CEO of Alpha Entertainment said the league was a “Long away from announcing cities”.

This is interesting for people in cities recently spurned by the NFL like St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland where NFL franchises have left in recent years.

However its advantageous for cities like El Paso who have room to grow and have a perfect geographic location.

UTEP v Army

UTEP’s largest crowd of the season came against Army, it was almost a home game for the Golden Knights

El Paso is the 6th largest city in Texas, 19th largest in the country and the only city with out a Major Professional sport within an 8 hour drive. Mix in the 1.4 Million people who live in Juarez, Mexico, 102,000 in Las Cruces, New Mexico and 908,000 in El Paso itself, combined for a total of 2.4 million people. The Border Land’s “Three State, Two Country” advantage rivals that of any major metropolitan city. The most impressive part of this number? You’re the only game in town for literally HUNDREDS of miles!

The XFL bringing professional football to the Sun City would give them an advantage for fans flocking to the stadium on game days, while not infringing on the fans love for their NFL teams, or most importantly competing  against that same team with their established fans.

El Paso however doesn’t have a stadium, facilities or the current infrastructure to house a football only stadium outside the Sun Bowl, this creates a unique situation for no just UTEP but the City of El Paso who would have to work together to make the El Paso XFL Brand work.

How Can the City and UTEP Co-Exist?

UTEP and the City of El Paso have had some questionable relationships, but think of the money that would be generated to not just the city but the university who would have an incresed revenue stream on a stadium that would sit dormant otherwise. The Stadium would undoubtedly need a few upgrades that could be paid for by the XFL, and the city themselves would benefit from fans, players and visiting teams spending money.

El Paso’s geography is one of the most advantageous advantages the city has as well. It’s mountains and location are ideal not just for camera shots, but for visitors who want a taste of something unique to only that city.

The “New” XFL is an exciting venture to be a part of, and knowing that two years down the road the league will start means there is plenty of time for the XFL to find the city of El Paso. However, NOW is the time for El Paso and UTEP to put their differences to rest and welcome a new era of partnership.

It’s time for El Paso to be in the spot light, and its time for the XFL to come to the Sun City.

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