Does ANYONE give a fuck that Dan Gilbert is interested in selling the Cavs, but him?

Wednesday’s episode of First Take had Stephen A. Smith dropping the notion that perhaps Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert might entertain the thought of selling the team in the future. It seems very coincidental this coming out now with the team recently meeting to air their grievances on why the team had lost nine of their last 11 games. The implosion level of this team literally is at an all time high this season. Numerous black clouds have hovered over this team since the end of last year’s NBA Finals. Kyrie Irving felt the need to go solo & get out of King James shadow so he requested a trade. He felt so strongly about his position that it was also reported recently he was willing to sit out the entire year if the Cavs did not trade him. Eventually he was dealt to the Celtics resulting in the Cavs front office getting was they still believe is THE GEM in the deal, the Nets lottery pick this coming summer. The team believes this is a major bargaining chip to use in a trade or to even rebuild the team if again they fail to win the NBA championship.

When I say rebuilding the team I mean preparing to blow up the whole damn thing even if Lebron James is here or not come next season. Lebron’s impeding free agency this July has everyone in the organization on pins & needles wondering how the dominoes will fall for this team. This leads me to Dan Gilbert, who really has to be the luckiest SOB owner, in the history of professional sports. This is an owner that proclaimed his team would win an NBA Title before James would when he bolted to Miami back in 2010. A few rebuilding years that really didn’t field many wins did result in enough losses to give the Cavs the #1 overall draft pick in the 2011, 2013, and 2014 NBA Drafts.  I believe that you get what you put into something whether its a personal or professional endeavor. In all actuality in Lebron’s prime years, Dan Gilbert really didn’t want to spend to give his franchise star the pieces to compete.  As much as fans felt Lebron jumped ship to go to a stacked team do you really blame him for leaving eight years ago? I don’t know of too many people that will stay in a job if their boss isn’t giving him or her the best tools to succeed.  In his first seven years in Cleveland, Lebron took his team to the playoffs five times with one NBA Finals appearance.  One can only imagine what the outcome would’ve been if Gilbert had spent just a little to get his star player some help. Maybe the team gets deeper into the playoffs with a better roster to where Lebron probably never bolts for Miami.

My point is Dan Gilbert had a good thing when he became the majority owner of the Cavs in 2005. All he had to do to win was reach into his billionaire checkbook to spend a little. Instead he took this stance at how small market teams could not compete with the Knicks, the Lakers of the world. Even as a die hard Lakers fan I haven’t completely gotten over Gilbert emailing then Commissioner David Stern to complain about the Chris Paul trade that ultimately was nixed. That action alone dramatically influenced the current CBA to what it currently is making the playing field that much more balanced between ALL teams.  Why do I keep calling Dan Gilbert the luckiest owner in sports? How many owners can run off a franchise player off TWICE? This is what it’s going to happen when Lebron leaves Cleveland again this summer.  How many can run off a star player ONCE then be fortunate enough to have the player return for the love of the city not for the owner? I couldn’t help bringing up these old tweets to Gilbert when Lebron made his return to Cleveland back in 2014:

This came out of those two straight tweets to the Cavs owner unfortunately……….


It’s safe to say NOBODY in Cleveland will shed tears when Dan Gilbert sells the Cavaliers based on all the points I’ve presented previously. I do believe him trying to convince Lebron to resign with the team is simply a means to maximize the value to the team WHEN he decides to sell. This will be an interesting chess match to see if Gilbert can finally get one over on the King or if the owner gets checkmated one last time. What’s the difference between James Dolan and Dan Gilbert? Both are hated with a passion by their fanbases, but only one has the best player on the planet on his team. This is like having the prettiest girl in school going to the prom with the biggest douchebag guy LOL.  AGAIN what a lucky SOB Dan Gilbert has been as the owner of the Cavaliers!!!!!

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