Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 with Jim Senter

Jim Senter

Photo Credit: Andres Acosta/ El Paso Herald-Post

This week, Mike Tipton goes 1 on 1 with UTEP’s New Head Athletic Director, Jim Senter. From the Citadel to UTEP, Jim has brought his own way of trying to figure out the UTEP conundrum.

Has he faced backlash from jaded UTEP fans and how has he felt with the scrutiny of the Miners continued struggles to make not only Bowl games, but NCAA tournaments in the two sports that drive the machine that is The UTEP Miners.

What is NMSU doing that UTEP cannot do? Is there a future for baseball at UTEP? and what else is there that the University can do to win back those fans who have turned UTEP off?

Thanks to Jim Senter for his time and efforts as he continues to prove that Every Person Makes a Difference.

The Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 is brought to you by SmallCakes Cupcakery on El Paso’s westside, next to the Don Haskins Center.

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