A Crazy NBA Monday Ended in an Even Crazier Fashion.

Monday started dominated by reaction to the NFL, then the NBA said “Hold My Beer”.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the day in by reporting that the most stable franchise in the NBA, and the quietest Super Star of all time, were at odds. The report stated the growing divide between The San Antonio Spurs and currently injured Kawhi Leonard.

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers - Game ThreeThe divide stems from a disagreement on treatments for Leonard’s lingering quad injury. Spurs GM, RC Buford, denies the claim stating that there is no issue with the Spurs and Leonard.

This is shocking to not only Spurs fans but the NBA community as there has been no rumblings of the issues, and Leonard’s quiet manor, make the report even that more unbelievable.

This news hits Spurs fans in the chest, but makes this Spurs Fan wonder, has this become the new trend? After the reports of dissension in the Patriots locker room, and the denial and seemingly trolling of the media, it makes one stop and think a bit. Perhaps there is something there, however, given the nature of the franchise and player, it could be something blown out of proportion. Only time will tell.

This news would have dominated the day, with questions of what this could mean for the franchise and the emerging Super Star, however, the NBA’s Reign of Terror this Monday had only begun.

ESPN’s Ramona Shellburne’s story made sure the busy day continued as he broke the news of the Milwaukee Bucks firing their head coach, Jason Kidd. The up and coming team has been solid, yet underwhelming thus far, but the coaching shake up has many people scratching their head. Milwaukee, at the time sat 1 game above .500, and 2 games from the 5th seed in the Eastern Conference.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, star forward of the Bucks, was “devastated” at the news and took upon himself to inform Kidd of the Bucks decision. This brings into question a true issue and wonder what the future of the franchise will be. Giannis, a bonafide, Elite NBA Player is going to be consulted on the new hire, but how different will he view the franchise now?

The NBA Wheel kept on rolling down the highway, and the news of the day on the court should have been the two monster triple doubles poured in by Boogie Cousins (44, 24, 10) in a double OT Thriller vs the Bulls, and Blake Griffin’s 32, 12, 12 that came against the up and coming Timberwolves.

Instead the Clippers made the news not for the loss, but how they lost. Six technical fouls, two late game ejections, and an ugly finish tarnished what was another big win for the T-Wolves as they improved to 31-18 and moved passed the afore mentioned Spurs for the 3rd Seed in the NBA’s Western Conference.

The Technical Foul has become the calling card of the Clippers in recent years, and Doc Rivers who once famously begged the team “stop complaining” to the refs, needs to listen to his own advice. The Clippers have been the team with the most techs time and time again, and last night helped to prove, they don’t know how to win… or lose.

Finally the NBA ended on another ugly note.

Wizards star Point Guard, John Wall got into the proverbial “War of Words” after an altercation late in the game. After what could only be called a questionable charging call on the diminutive Mavericks Point Guard, Barrea and Wall were in each others faces exchanging words.

After the game Wall was asked about the altercation and called Barrea “A little midget”, J.J. fired back by questioning Wall’s popularity in the Wizards locker room.

I for one love when there is trash talk, but to call someone short… its kind of a weak move. Barrea won this war of words simply because we all know John Wall was on his phone later that night with his teammates asking “We good? He’s joking right??”

The NBA Season is in full effect and NBA Fans, like myself are oh so happy! However, looking forward to the All-Star game, The NBA Messed up, just like their Monday, they are in the news for all the bad things and none of the great stories.

Lost in all this nonsense is the continued dysfucntion of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Reported Monday, the Cavs had an internal issue during practice when Kevin Love was dismissed the day before. Some teammates felt the excuse wasn’t good enough and hashed out the issues with the Cavs big man.

This continued slump and drama has to be taking its toll on the LeBron led team, and cannot continue if they 1. Hope to keep the King and 2. Hope to continue being THE team in the east, Luckily for the Cavs, the Celtics have hit a little slump as well. But be on the lookout for the Toronto Raptors who are slowly moving up the ladder of the Best Teams in the East.

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