Who is Devon Alexander?

A lot of people on social media have expressed their opinions on the upcoming fight between Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander. Most fans have been very excited that El Paso will once again host a PBC fight card on national television.

However, with the excitement of seeing 3 former world champions and one current.  You still hear tons of the haters talking down on the bout, saying the fighters are washed up, over the hill and trash.

Do they really know who these men are? Do they know the resume? Do they know boxing?

1-29-11 (Alexander vs Bradley)

Both fighters were undefeated at the time and very high prospects. A very tough fight to score with both men finding their moments throughout the fight. Alexander would lose due to technical decision because of headbutt’s. Though Alexander displayed quickness and heart, he had no shot when it came down to a headbutt match with Bradley.

6-25-11 (Alexander vs Matthysse)

After taking 5 months off from the Bradley fight it was time for Alexander to prove he had not loss his will to be great. He fought smart and out pointed the heavy-handed Matthysse, in a close but successful split decision.

2-25-12 (Alexander vs Maidana)

Talk about class, Alexander showed the world why he was a force to be wrecking with. There wasn’t a time in the fight when Maidana looked to be on the same level as Alexander. Maidana looked like a man punching the wind as he was being socked in the face. Easy win for “The Great”.

12-7-13 (Alexander vs Porter)

Bad timing. This was when Shawn Porter was at his best. He was strong explosive and riding high with major success during this period. In my opinion it was bad planning of his management team. Part of the sweet science is picking the right opponent and Porter was not the guy you wanted to be fighting 3 to 4 years ago.

12-13-14 (Alexander vs Khan)

If you ever want to see boxing clinic with one of the worlds quickest boxers and my favorite fighter, then you must look up Khan and Alexander. Khan has the quickest hands I have ever seen, and he made Alexander look like he was Butterbean in terms of speed and agility. Khan would distribute a vast number of combos coming from all different angles. On that very night I’m not too sure there was a man in the world who could have beaten Khan.

11-21-17 (Alexander vs Castillo)

He’s back! This was the first fight back after dealing with an opioid addiction and he looked flawless. Dropping Castillo in the 2nd round was a sign that Alexander was adding a new punch to his game. Conditioning was not a factor after 10 rounds of unblemished boxing.

On Feb.17 Alexander will step into the ring with Ortiz as both men try to reclaim their spot at the top of boxing’s food chain. Most of the fights I just mentioned are on YouTube, I highly encourage you to check them out.

Photo: Abel Carrillo

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  1. Big Fight night in El Paso!! Great for the city and I hope we take advantage of it.!! D.Alexander is a big name, great fighter and a very humble fighter.
    It’s pretty sad that people are saying that these 2 fighters are washed up….



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