Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 w/ Ashton Washington

Ashton Washington

As we prepare for a jam packed week on the Shootout Podcast, Mike Tipton sits down with Ashton Washington of Rivals and ESPN Campus U Connection!

Ashton talks about her experience covering the Team Texas Elite Football Tryouts in Houston Texas. What stood out to her, what made the experience so memorable and who did she see as one of the many players to keep an eye on?

Ashton and Mike talk about a potential collaboration she has with ESPN U, as she gives some insight to not only homecoming for a school without a football program, but showing that homecoming at an HBCU is more like an experience of a life time!

We get her reaction as a life long, die hard ‘Bama fan, and the emotional roller coaster that could only be described as the highest of highs and the lowest of lows all within a few minute span.

You can follow Ashton on Twitter and check out her work here


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