AFC East

Week in Review – 07 Jan – 13 Jan

College Football


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Bama continued its dominance against the rest of college football by winning their 5th championship in 9 seasons but, is anyone really surprised? Can we please stop with the Saban to the Browns or Giants talk? Why would anyone in their right mind leave a program where they dominate and break records while winning championships, to coach those two franchises who have no clue? Congrats to the Crimson Tide on their big come from behind win over Georgia, and congrats to Georgia for continuing the chocking trend started by Atlanta!


The week kicked off with some hard hitting action, as the WildCard Round was defined by great comebacks… and teams choking.

Titans Chiefs

The Tennessee Titans came back vs the Chiefs in a thrilling 22-21 win in WildCard Weekend. courtesy of

In The AFC, Jacksonville got passed Buffalo in what had to be the worst playoff game of all time and the Tennessee Titans would defeat the Kanas City Chiefs, completing an 18 point comeback and winning 22-21 in Kansas City, handing the Arrow Head faithful their 6th consecutive home loss in the playoffs. To put this into perspective, the Cowboys were an ACTUAL Super Bowl contender in those days! Needless to say, it’s been a while. Kansas City is in a pivotal spot in the franchise as they look to move on from Alex Smith, Professional Fill-In QB, and usher in the Patrick Mahomes Era in KC.

Patriots Celebrate TD

The Patriots celebrated one of their many TD’s vs the Titans from

Tennessee would lose to the Patriots in the divisional round in what would be a stellar performance by Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. Brady threw for over 350 yards and 3 TD’s while completing 35/53 passes… The Patriots also amassed over 100 yards on the ground and 2 more TD’s in-route to a 35-14 win… that wasn’t even THAT close.

Tom Brady and the Patriots were able to continue their normal winning ways despite an article from ESPN’s Seth Wickerscham alleging the nearing demise of the defending Super Bowl Champions. The Week for the Pats was mired in questions asking Tom Brady about his happiness in Foxboro and ended with the Patriots hugging and playing on the sidelines with 2 minutes left. As we all know, Winning = Happiness. It’s hard to think, Tawm Brady or The Hoodie would leave the Pats, much less Belichick going to the lowly New York Giants.

In the NFC, Atlanta would defeat the LA Rams in the first playoff game in Los Angeles since… The Cowboys were a relevant Super Bowl contender (I’m sensing a theme here). The Rams inexperience seemed to show up as one of their strengths wound up being their biggest weakness in the post-season as their special teams were responsible for bad field position and turnovers. Matty Ice lived up to his name in both LA and Philly as the Falcons fell to the Eagles 15-10 in not so sunny Philadelphia. Matty Ice was frozen as the 4th quarter rolled in and couldn’t locate his targets on a consistent basis. A no call at the end of a long drive on 4th & Goal from the two would somewhat factor in the game, but Julio Jones would once again not connect on a pass in the end-zone and Philly escaped to face the eventual winner of Saint/ Vikings.

Drew Brees

Drew Breese led the Saints to a win over the Panthers Credit to the Washington Post

The Saints are marching in to Minneapolis on the heels of a thrilling victory over a game Carolina Panthers who put up too little too late. Cam Newton was clearly himself, polarizing, hurt and gun slinging at the end when he didn’t need to be and gifted a road win for the Saints.

Minnesota facing off against the Saints at home will prove to be a great game for the franchise as they look to cap the season as the only team to play the Super Bowl in their home arena. However, the fact there is still a possibility of a Case Keenum vs Blake Bortles Super Bowl must make the NFL Brass cringe.



The Association is still relatively early in the season but there seems to be more drama than ever between the players and the refs.

After Rockets SG and bearded wizard, James Harden called out the refs for his fabled Boson Meltdown (arguably the biggest conflict in the history of Boston), His teammate Chris Paul spent Thursday night lifting off against NBA official Scott Foster for a technical foul. Those who follow the NBA know that Chris Paul has not once in his career committed a foul, or spent his time yelling at referees. Completely disregard last year when his own coach said that he and the Clippers as a team need to stop complaining about the refs…

The NBAPA and the NBA Referees Union are on complete opposites, but what do you expect when you hack someone and then spend the next 15 game minutes yelling at the refs. If they can’t yell back, then the players shouldn’t be allowed to yell at them, thats kind of how technical fouls are brought up. Perhaps a re-education of sorts should be in order for both the players and the often sensitive referees.

The Spurs were in the news, not for losing to the Lakers, but for Greg Popovich’s comments about over coaching star forward LaMarcus Aldridge. A show of humility taking the blame for the last two season where L.A.’s performance dropped while playing in San Antonio. Pop also explained why LaVar Ball is wrong for his comments against Luke Walton alleging the young coach has “Lost the Team”. Thats enough LaVar for today before we really get rolling down that rabbit hole.

The Cavs have gone from hot to cold to hot to freezing to scorching and now ice cold all within the last few weeks! The Roller Coaster that is the Cleveland LeBrons seems to be on another downslide as the team has had back to back blow out losses and continue to get trolled by Kyrie Irving for yelling at his teammates. LeBron has become the head coach of the Cavs and Ty Lue has some catching up to do. LeBron and theCavs will be the Favorites in the Easter Conference, but should they be?


Its always fun to hear about MLB News in the middle of the NFL Playoffs and NBA Season. However the Pittsburgh Pirates have got the spot light on them.

Pittsburgh_Pirates_MLB_LogoAfter trading Garrit Cole to the World Champion Houston Astros, the Pirates have come underfire by the city of Pittsburgh and Pirates fans as the Pirates have done seemingly thrown in the towel on another 15 years and will most likely trade Andrew McCuthcen. DeJan Kovacevic went on ESPN Radio to talk about the possible future of the franchise as they “Marlin’d” another season.

The Pirates have refused to increase payroll and The MLB has allowed these teams to wallow in futility for too long. The NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB have all seen a resurgence of the classic teams making a comeback, yet the Pirates have refused to embrace that fact. Perhaps the MLB should look into this issue with Pittsburgh. The Marlins have done this before, but at least they’ve won two championships in the process, and this year new ownership highlighted the trading of Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees as a way to counter the debt incurred by previous ownership.

The MLB has had these issues before and need to find a way to counter it, with No Salary Cap and state of the art ball parks, every team should be somewhat competitive and not mortgaging off their future, at the expense of their fans.


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