Are you watching?

Without a doubt the NFL playoffs have been a huge disappointment. This may be the first year I say this, but I have yet to see a playoff game from beginning to end.

It has nothing to do with the new participants, instead it is the quality of play. Some would say the commentators have been quite annoying, with guys like Collinsworth, Aikman, Fouts and newcomer Tony Fucking Romo.

So, I’m just going to make up my own theory, communism is in and the Russians have bought the NFL. In all seriousness I believe it has to do with the much-hated Tom Brady and the fact that Blake Bortles is our only hope from keeping the Pats appearing in, what seems like a 10th consecutive super bowl.

On the NFC side it doesn’t get any better, with Nick Foles leading the high powered 15-point scoring Eagles offense to faceoff against Case Keenum and the Vikings. Yes, Case Keenum, the man that is so good Minnesota will likely to dump him after the year.

Buckle up people, and prepare for Brady to win another title and the Jimmy G talks to quickly fade away.

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