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Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1 with Bill Coon


“The GunSlinger” Mike Tipton welcomes Sun Bowl Association Board President Bill Coon! After celebrating their 50th anniversary with CBS, and the 84th edition of the Sun Bowl as a whole, what were the feelings of the town and teams who participated in El Paso’s Bowl Game and the second oldest in the country.


Bill and Mike talk about the journey Mr. Coon took to come to El Paso, how he wound up as president and what plans are in the future for not only the Sun Bowl, but the YMCA where Bill made his name and helped thousands.


A native of Elk City, OK, Mike had to ask for Bill’s reaction to the Rose Bowl, where his beloved Sooners fell to Georgia, his thoughts on Baker Mayfield’s on and off field antics and what Bill thinks about UCF holding a National Championship Parade in wake of the CFP Final.

All this and more in this 1 on 1 conversation between Bill Coon and Mike Tipton via The Shootout Podcast.

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