C-USA Football

Shootout Podcast with NFL Prospect Devron Davis


Devron Davis helped lead the UTSA Road-Runners past the UTEP Miners in a 31-14 victory and helped seal the deal as he ended the game with a 5yd interception return for a TD.                     Photo Credit: Andres Acosta/ El Paso Herald-Post

In this Shootout Podcast: 1 on 1, UTSA’s Lock-Down Corner, Devron Davis, joins “The GunSlinger” Mike Tipton, and shuts down the the show, something he’s been known to do to opposing wideouts and quarterbacks.

Devron talks about his time at UTSA, his hopes as a 2018 NFL Draft Prospect and how hard he’s been working to complete the dream of playing in the NFL, a dream he had shared with his cousins Vernon and Vante Davis, . Traveling the long road to the NFL has helped enlighten Devron and makes him one of the best DB’s in all of College Football, not just C-USA.

from Devron Davis' Snapchat

Devron Davis poses with the H.E.B I-35 Showdown trophy as UTSA Defeated Texas State 44-14


Devron talks about his JUCO time, why he chose UTSA, and gives his opinion on the CFB Playoff that left out a fellow “Group of Five” school in UCF. Who has been his mentor, what is he doing to keep in shape? Devron also tells us about how it felt learning that UTSA was, in many opinions, disrespected when they were denied a bowl game and what has been his motivation as he transitions from the college game to the Pros?

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