CFP Semi-Final Reaction

Have you ever saw something happen and instantly thought “Oh man, people are going to be pissed!”


Courtesy: Printable Team Schedules

Yesterday was that moment, well one of the many moments, that made me think those exact same words, mainly because of the people I surround myself with and their hatred for the SEC.

As you know by now, The CFP Final is set between Alabama and Georgia, two teams that made it to the CFP Playoff with more questionmarks than answers. Georgia redeemed themselves beating Auburn in the SEC Championship and had one of the most historic Rose Bowls in the history of “The Granddaddy of Them All”.

A 2OT Thriller where we saw Baker Mayfield and Rodney Anderson put up over 480 yards of offense between themselves against a vaunted SEC defense. But in the End the Dawgs had just enough to punch their ticket to the Final when Sony Michel broke free for a game winning TD, just moments after the UGA D, made their only stand of the game by blocking a field goal.

Perhaps though, the most shocking outcome to most, was the complete domination Nick Saban and ‘Bama demonstrated against the Clemson Tigers and Dabo Swinney.  After a much hyped “tie-breaker” meeting between the last two CFP National Champions, Alabama completely Tiger-Handled the Clemson offense and scored enough to make the game look dominate from an outside perspective. The truth however is a little grainer than the 24-6 score would tell.

:13 seconds. The amount of time it took ‘Bama to blow the game open and one player to do it. Da’ron Payne, Bama’s DE intercepted the ball on a Clemson drive and two plays later, scored the TD on offense with his “Golden Hands”. Take those out and a 17-6 maybe 17-9 game doesn’t look as dominating.

However we don’t live in the “what if” world, we live in the actualities. The actuality is both SEC teams, including the Crimson Tide who were the debate of the year, beat two of the best teams College football had to offer.


‘Bama’s selection to the CFP was historic because it showed the CFP’s willingness to add the best team, and took away stock from winning conference championships. But the CFP got it right. ‘Bama IS the best team in the country, and even though I picked OU to win it all, we know ‘Bama is the CFP version of Tiger Woods in the early to mid-2000’s. You’re picking them vs. the field.


Courtesy CBS Sports

If you still don’t believe the winner of the CFP Final is the “True” National Champion, then join me in pressuring the NCAA to place one more game at the end of the season between UCF and the winner of the CFP Playoff.

Yes there is a HUGE advantage the CFP winner would have, but we made this playoff as a way to end the debate and anger the BCS left us with. No one can predict an undefeated season from a team outside the “big 5”, but since we have it why not play an extra game to put the topic to bed?

Yes, UGA or ‘Bama would more than likely destroy UCF, but as I’ve said and come to terms with more often, “The Sun Shines on a Dogs Ass Every Now and Then!” Give them a shot, lets see what UCF has!

And if having a winner isn’t enough for the greedy NCAA, who loves to hide behind player safety while extorting their players for billions in dollars the kids will more than likely never see… (Off Soap Box) Think of the money NCAA! One more week, at Jerry World, EVERY Network fighting for it… Smells like a winner to me…

But until then we will just have to guess who the real winner is… unless, UCF makes their own shirts to proclaim themselves as National Champs circa 1941 Alabama.

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