Marlins “Fire Sale” has sparked some weird feelings.

Does anyone really care about the Miami Marlins selling off assets? isn’t this kind of the thing that franchise has done for the better part of three decades? Look Miami fans & Yankees haters, Stanton leaving was going to happen no matter what, would you be this upset if the trade between San Francisco or St. Louis had actually happened?

derek-jeter-121917-getty-ftrjpg_igerzwycrkf21e07uauheobk9The facts are quite simple, the player has the advantage when he/she has a no trade clause. He said he wanted to go to NYY and thats where he went. We always wonder what kind of assets a tram can get when a star wants to go.. and the entire world knows it. We’ve all known that when that situation comes through fruition, the selling team normally doesn’t get equal value. But now because it’s the Yankees its a problem?

It wasn’t a problem in 1998 or 2004, but NOW its a problem. The funnier thing about this whole situation is the fact that people forget the two World Series championship banners the Marlins have hanging in their stadium. This has been the calling card of smaller franchises, like the Pirates, Tampa Bay, Miami, Seattle, Minnesota, Oakland and much more. Get what you can out of the young guys before they become big stars and you have to pay them more than you can afford, and get a bunch of prospects to take their place, hell there was a movie made about it!

There’s a group of people that say “The Dodgers were interested, why not send him there?” That group of people seemingly and conveniently forget the next week the Dodgers traded FOR Matt Kemp, in a move that was only deemed as a salary dump. Was there anyway the Dodgers would stay competitive as they have been and stay as constructed, IF they had taken on MLB’s largest contract? Imagine theater players that would have been shipped out of LA.

Giancarlo-Stanton-YankeesLook it’s not popular, but one of the charms about MLB is the lack of salary cap, its been a staple of the sport for over 25 years! The Yankees are still the only team that could have afforded Stanton’s contract without sending big name players to Miami, who was looking to alleviate costs from the massive debt incurred by the older ownership group.

Instead of attempting to place blame on someone for a few feelings being hurt and people saying the deck is being stacked against them, remember the Red Sox and Dodgers were praised when they took on massive payrolls. Don’t let your hatred for one team blind you, its as common in baseball as opening day. Salaries get dumped and one team takes them on, this one… just happens to be the most hated team in sports.

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