Predicting The Playoff

The college football season is just about over, and we are in a heated debate on who deserves to play in the College Football Playoff. Let me be the first to inform, everyone, the mayhem is not over; Championship week is the last obstacle for these programs to overcome.

The past couple of days I have gone through every team’s resume and watched more film than Saban has all year. I will walk you through this weeks most important games and tell you who will win them, not to mention who will be participating in the playoff.

  • ACC Championship – Clemson over Miami – The turnover chain is out-of-order and Miami shows their inexperience.
  • SEC Championship – Georgia over Auburn – The game will be played on a neutral field and Auburn will be unable to defeat Georgia for a second time.
  • Big 12 Championship – Oklahoma over TCU – Baker Mayfield will show why he is the best player in college.
  • Big 10 Championship – Ohio State over Wisconsin – OSU gets their shit together and destroys Wisconsin
  • Pac 12 Championship – USC over Stanford – Both teams play well enough to win but unfortunately someone must lose and Stanford is that someone.

Clemson are defending national champs and will find themselves at the top of the rankings, after a great season with only one slip-up to Syracuse.

Oklahoma played in a surprisingly tough conference this year and also defeated Ohio State pretty easily, so they definitely deserve their number 2 spot.

Georgia, you are the winners of the supposed toughest conference in America so its mandatory you get in at 3.

Ohio State, you sneaky dudes… you happened to beat two top ten schools and win the underrated Big 10 conference title. just don’t fall asleep at the wheel because its humiliating when you do.

Alabama, What happened? Next time don’t schedule such weak opponents, your best win was against LSU, the same team to who lost to Troy.

USC shows up late to the party and is unable to make such a big leap for a playoff berth.

UCF will finish undefeated and find themselves in a prestigious bowl against a worthy opponent.


The end result

  1. Clemson
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Georgia
  4. Ohio State


  • Alabama
  • USC
  • Penn State
  • Wisconsin

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