The ShootOut Podcast 2 October 2017

This week The ShootOut Podcast returns with local talent gone big, Ed Stansberry! An Irvin graduate who went on to play for UCLA and as a fullback in the NFL, Ed talks about just how difficult it is to make it in the NFL. Also a board member of the Greater El Paso Football Showcase, Ed talks about the upcoming All-Star football game and how he’s working to get El Paso talent both out into the field and college.

Ed sticks around with the ShootOut crew as the guys–plus Mike Tipton, calling in from Connecticut–talk about the stepping down of Sean Kugler and the appointment of interim head coach Mike Price. What does this mean for UTEP’s football program? Montes and the guys talk their hopes for the season as it continues.

As the national anthem protests continue in the NFL, Peter adds his input as a veteran himself while Abel, staunch supporter of Colin Kaepernick, tells us whether this sudden unity is good or bad for Kaepernick’s message.

All this and more, right here on The ShootOut Podcast.

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