The ShootOut Podcast 11 September 2017

This week The ShootOut Podcast takes it a bit slower, recapping the latest in UTEP games and performances as well as preparing for the upcoming Triple G/Canelo fight. As our local experts on the subject, Peter and Abel Carrillo break down the boxing match and mark their expectations and predictions, plus a bit about our own local star and fighter Abie Han.

Then The ShootOut takes a call from Steve Escajeda from Football Friday Night on 600ESPN. They discuss not only UTEP’s current direction for the football season but also talk high school football here in El Paso, which schools and districts are looking strong and which are looking for the upset, as well as a discussion about who are the best players that El Paso, as a city, has produced.

Some more talking at the end of the show: can the U.S. soccer team make it’s way to the World Cup at this pace? Mike Tipton is losing at fantasy football? Abel trying to make his own podcast?

All this and more, right here on The ShootOut Podcast.

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