AFC East

The Shootout Podcast’s NFL Division Winners & More!


The NFL Season is set to kick off tonight (September 7th 2017), and we couldn’t be happier to make the boldest of predictions for our Division Winners, Wild Card teams and Super Bowl teams, well some of us. Peter Carrillo was working the Guns ‘n Roses concert in El Paso, so Mr. Hollywood didn’t have time to write in our group chat! None the less, Michael Montes, Abel Carrillo and “The Gunslinger” Mike Tipton will give you their insight on the most debatable topic in sports!

AFC East:

Mike Tipton, Abel Carrillo and Michael Montes all agree the Patriots are the team to beat in the AFC East. The Dolphins could have made a splash, but their season seemingly went up in smoke when Ryan Tannehill went down with a knee injury and Jay Cutler took over the reigns. The Patriots got much better with the addition of Brandon Cooks, but there are questions with the team’s slot receiver, and Tom Brady Fan Boy, Julian Edelman, went down with a knee injury of his own. Even when it comes to season ending knee injuries, the Patriots are better than the Dolphins, so it comes to stand that the Pats would be better on the field too.

AFC South:

This has long been the most up for grabs division in the entire NFL, not because the teams are that good, but because they are all equally flawed and terrible! Abel Carrillo chose the Indianapolis Colts as his winner for the division despite not having Andrew Luck for an undetermined amount of time. Michael Montes chose the Tennessee Titans and their well balanced team that added Eric Decker for QB Marcus Mariota, that allows the team a much needed WR option. Mike Tipton chose Chose the Jacksonville Jaguars, mainly because he made a few bad bets, but also because of their new run game with Rookie Leonard Fournette. One thing is for sure, this division is getting better, and the The Texans could easily surprise everyone, they did after all have the best defense in the NFL in 2016, without J.J. Watt.

AFC North:

All three of the guys went with the Pittsburgh Steelers, come on, who else are you going to go with? The Browns? The constantly inconsistent Bengals, or the Flacco-less and Flacco-lead Ravens? Big Ben, Antonio Brown and LeVeon Bell are arguably the best at their positions and they’re all on one team. This division belongs to the Steelers for a while.

AFC West:

The AFC West could be the closest division in football because of their top three teams. Denver, KC and Oakland have all taken steps forward, but this division has split the guys once again. Abel Carrillo chose the Denver Broncos and their great defense as the winner of the division. Michael Montes went with the well balanced Oakland Raiders who are lead by MVP Candidate Derek Carr. While Mike Tipton chose the Kansas City Chiefs and their consistency as the team to take the crown in the AFC West. These three teams were separated by three total games, all finishing the season with a winning record, Denver missing the post season by one game. This could be the best division in football, and could probably make these guys look like they know nothing about the sport.

AFC Wild Card:

Michael Montes and Michael Tipton agree that the AFC West will hold down the AFC’s Wild Card spots, Montes choosing Denver and Kansas City and Tipton choosing the Broncos and Raiders in five & six spots. Abel agrees with one of those AFC West teams (Oakland) but feels the Cincinnati Bengals will be the 6th seed in the AFC.

NFC East: 

The NFC East was a fun division last season and in the last decade, hasn’t had a back to back division champion and Abel Carrillo & Mike Tipton both agree this trend will continue. The Dallas offensive line is great, but the D in Big D, ain’t so big, and has a bit of an issue staying the course. This defensive impotence, and the improvement of the Giants on offense and their defensive prowess against the Cowboys is why they believe Dallas will have a big of a setback, and The Giants will win the division. Michael Montes, ever the homer, still has faith in his Cowboys and has them overcoming suspension and a weak D to win the division.

NFC South:

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have made strides to become a great team, the Panthers now have more of an open offense, and the Falcons are the Defending NFC Champion. Abel and Tippy agree that the Falcons will hold on to their crown as the top team in the NFC South, but Montes thinks the Bucs are the team to beat and who can blame him? The addition of DeSean Jackson helps pop the lid off the top and helps out Mike Evans, who is arguably the leagues best receiver.

NFC North:

All three of the guys agree with Green Bay being the team to beat up in the North. The NFC North has the most question marks in the NFL, will a Rookie QB help the Bears become better? Will Detroit continue to be a flash in the pan type team? or is this the year the Lions finally get it all together? What will the Vikings look like without AP? The Packers are in a prime position to blow away the NFC North and win the division pretty handily.

NFC West:

The NFC West was arguably the most underwhelming division in football last year, the Cardinals and the Seahawks had some memorably bad battles and the defenses in the division were stout, slowing down the game and mucking it up. The Seattle won the division, the only team to put forth a winning record. The Cardinals running back, David Johnson is the best in the league. The Cardinals are the team Michael Montes thinks will win the division, while Able is going with the Seahawks as the NFC West representative. Michael Tipton after much debate agrees with Michael Montes as the Cardinals coming out on top.

NFC Wild Card:

Abel Carrillo – Tampa Bay, Detroit

Michael Montes – Arizona, Carolina

Mike Tipton – Dallas, Tampa Bay


Abel: Colin Kaepernick will be on a playoff roster.

Michael Montes: The Browns won’t completely suck.

Mike Tipton: Jay Cutler will have the best season of his career.

Offensive ROOKIE of the YEAR:

Michael Montes: Aaron Jones, GB RB

Abel Carrillo: Joe Mixon, CIN RB

Mike Tipton: Mitchell Trubisky, CHI QB

Defensive ROOKIE of the YEAR:

Abel Carrillo: Soloman Thomas, SF DE

Mike Tipton: Jamaal Adams: NYJ Safety


Abel Carrillo: Green Bay v Pittsburgh (Pitt wins 33 – 22)

Michael Montes: Green Bay v New England (NE wins 35 – 20)

Mike Tipton: Atlanta v Oakland (Atlanta wins 35-24)

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