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The Fantasy “Other Guys” – QB

If you are in one of those fantasy leagues that holds it’s draft prior to the end of at least the third preseason game, you need a new approach or commissioner. Plenty of you out there have felt the wrath of the dreaded “dead in the water” preseason out for the year injury with Julian Edelman of the Patriots going down. a wide respected and oft early drafted receiver. However fear not, as the Shootout Podcast has your back!

These are those not so highly touted Quarterbacks you want on your team to push you over the top. The most bang for your buck and any other analogy you want to add in there!

The “Other” QB”s:

We know about Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, and Matty Ice, those guys are going to go quickly and most have projected Rogers and Brady to go in the second round. But these later round QB’s will put up very comparable numbers and have much more upside to them, fantasy wise.

5. Jameis Winston: TB 

Last season was a breakout one for Famous Jameis, completing 60% of his passes for 4,090 yards and 28 TD’s.  However in many league projections, he’s going in the 6th round of a standard 1 QB, 12 team league. While the Tampa offense was a little more one dimensional, Winston was able to show poise and comfort in 2016 and a true connection with wideout, Mike Evans. However last season it was a two man show in Tampa with these two. The addition of DeShawn Jackson will help alleviate some of the pressure Winston had last season because though Evans is great, he’s not a true deep ball threat. Jackson will take the top off the D, and Jameis has the cannon to get it to him. The presence of Jackson will pay dividends as well in the short passing game, because DB’s and LB’s can no longer cheat up and make the field shorter. Look for Jameis to have a great season.

4. Eli Manning: NYG

Last season Peyton’s little brother had a solid season, this year, those numbers are going to go up. Completing 63% of his passes for 4,027 yards and 26 TD’s, Eli still turned the ball over 16 times, mostly trying to force the ball to OBJ. The addition of Brandon Marshall, and no true run game means lots of passes from Eli. The Giants have mastered using the short passing game as a run game, meaning Eli will throw the ball a ton, and therefore will get yards and completions. The threat of the three receivers in, Beckham Jr., Marshall, and Sterling Shepard, means there will be plenty of big play potential in this Giants offense. Eli’s Market right now has him has the 16th best QB, and an 11th round grade.  

3. Trevor Siemian: DEN

Coming out of the 7th round expectations were low for Siemian who not only had the unenviable job of following in Peyton Manning’s shoes, but guiding a team that had just won the Super Bowl. The Broncos, understandably, didn’t fully open the offense for the second year man, but his numbers were impressive nonetheless. 59% for 3,401 yards and 18 TD’s, are respectable for anyone, especially a 7th round draft pick. This year, look for the Broncos to open up the offense and transition Siemian from game manager to a slightly better role in the team. Weapons like Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas are great to rely on, and working together for a full year will payoff in the long run. Siemian is projected as a the 269th best player in the NFL, he could possibly go un-drafted.

2. Carson Palmer: ARZ

It’s amazing to think that even though he’s been so good for so long, Palmer is still vasty overlooked. He’s the quintessential, “oh yeah” QB of any draft. But his number last year were great! 61% for 4,233 yards and 26 TD’s. Those numbers should improve or stay the same as David Johnson will be featured more in the short passing game. There’s not a lot that needs to be said about Carson Palmer, the dude is good and will constantly get you points. Carson Palmer is projected as a 12th round QB, great value for a consistent QB.

1. Marcus Mariota: TEN

This kid is good! Last year completed 61% of his passes for 3,426 yards and 26 TD’s before he got injured late in the season. This year there are more weapons in Tennessee, and the offense will now feature more balance than expected. Mariota is a duel threat QB, the one that makes you respect both his arm talent as well as his speed. He is currently the 12th rated QB and has a 6th round projection. 

Rookie: DeShaun Watson or DeShone Kizer.

Both are stellar talents and Watson is a proven winner. Kizer comes from a more prostyle offense, but the lack of weapons could hurt him in Cleveland. Both would be solid Backup QB’s and potential trade bait if needed.

As the rest of the week progresses, we will be releasing our “Other” RB’s WR’s and TE’s.

Don’t agree with the list? Comment below, and give us your input.

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