Shootout Podcast Episode 70/2 71/3

After a few hiccups, a move and internet issues… The Shootout Podcast is back! This week we welcome in, from the El Paso Show and NOT Just an El Paso Show, Eileen De Anda! Eileen joins us to talk about the hotly contested Downtown Arena. Eileen gives her opinion on why she believes the arena is not only unnecessary, but a terrible idea for the city of El Paso. Peter Carrillo, Michael Montes, and “The Gunslinger” Mike Tipton join in and debate their sides of why they are for or against the proposed downtown arena.

Later Carlos De La Tore and Eric Sanchez of Tower Productions join the guys to talk about their projects, ideas they have coming up and some of the great films they have been a part of that highlight the El Paso area, and the potential filming of an international soccer player from the Socorro, TX area.

Then Michael Montes and Peter Carrillo welcome Mike Villa, UNT Assistant Athletics Director for Equipment Services and Gabe Castillo who needs your vote to advance in the ESPN San Antonio Rock the Mic contest!

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