Shootout Podcast 28 June 2017

This week’s Shootout Podcast is brought to you by: Hippy Girl Natural Products, Smallcakes Cupcakery, and Blue Star Custom Uniforms!

What stories does Peter have from this weekend? Who did he fall in love with? How was Miquelito Jones trip to the West Coast, and find out what off the wall comments does Vacil have in store! And would vail really fit the description of someone who would own a random weekend activity complex? Hint: the answer is yes… RUN!

We welcome in Fred Guerrero, Managing partner of H&F Productions as he tells us about the Sun City Regional Qualifiers, Body Building tournament held at UTEP’s Magoffin Auditorium August 12th! Can anyone on the Shootout Staff impress the body builder?

Later The Myth of Michael Tipton grows as the Gun Slinger joins the show to talk about the NBA Draft, what teams improved, the future of the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bulls trading Jimmy Butler and a whole lot of nonsense that is too much to list!

Thanks to Dennis Woo and the KTEP Studios

Music by Sal Montes & Emmanuel Montelongo

For the most up to date news on everything UTEP, visit the Prospector!


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