Baseball takes the Main Stage

Now that the predictable NBA Playoffs are over, we can concentrate on America’s pastime. The MLB is less than a month away from the All-Star break and many teams who started the season hot, are beginning to cool off.

Baseball fans have seen a few surprises in the standings with unlikely competitors. The American League has Houston, Cleveland atop its divisions and New York (Yankees) is making it very difficult for Boston in the east.

On the National League side is where things are a little more messy and not what was expected. Washington has just about wrapped up the division and it’s only June, while Milwaukee and Colorado have shocked the NL by leading in the central and the west.

For some reason Chicago (Cubs) has yet to find its groove and show that they are willing to defend its World Series title. Whereas Cleveland has suddenly got the bats going and seem to be hungry for another taste of the Fall Classic.

Young stars like Aaron Judge have exploded on to the scene displaying unbelievable strength hand eye coordination. While some crafty veterans are struggling to find their stuff, Rick Porcello who has a lousy 5.05 ERA.

So as sports fans it is now time to take notice what the MLB is offering, because the game is suddenly becoming younger and more exciting. You don’t have the usual teams taking center stage and once prestigious franchises are now being lead by its new talent.






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