No Experience Needed

As a boxing fan, I am extremely upset with what took place Wednesday afternoon. This is one of the saddest days in sports, not because I’m a hater, but I believe a man should earn the opportunity to display his skills on the biggest stage.
Floyd Mayweather will fight Connor McGregor on Aug. 26, in Las Vegas, Nevada that will most likely be paying the two athletes more than a $100 million each. Of course, Mayweather will be making the higher salary, but I’m sure McGregor will graciously accept the runner-up position.
Without a doubt Mayweather deserves every penny he will receive for the fight, but there is no way in hell you can say the same for McGregor. When you stack both fighters’ accomplishments side by side, one displays a mountain of accolades as the other will show nothing.
McGregor has the same work experience in boxing as I do, zero. Why is he receiving the opportunity to fight the best boxer in the world without ever lacing up a pair of boxing gloves in a professional fight?
McGregor is not even the best fighter in mma. Yet he yells stupid shit and throws water bottles at press conferences and that gives him the right to be awarded a hefty payday?
McGregor’s most memorable fight is the one where he gets out boxed by Nate Diaz who displayed a lackadaisical stance and repeatedly tagged McGregor’s head. The result was a loss for McGregor who was stopped because his boxing let him down and lead to him being choked out.
Despite how I feel about McGregor and how he is unqualified for the fight; the Nevada boxing commission is to blame for this ridiculous event. I understand money talks, but allowing a fighter to talk his way to the top is unacceptable.
There have been many great boxers over the years who never got the big payday and were forced to hang around the sport for far too long. So, when I see the commission disrespecting the sport they are supposed to protect, I find it embarrassing.
The only thing I can take away from what has occurred is that experience means nothing. As long as you talk a big game it will lead to things you don’t deserve.

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