Shootout Podcast

Shootout Podcast 12 June 2017



This week’s Shootout Podcast features an El Paso Athletics Hall of Fame announcer, The Pride of Fabens, and some dude! New Hall of Famer, living sports legend and voice of everything El Paso, “Uncle” Ray Adauto joins the guys to talk about his career, mentors and what it all means to him. Later Jenny Lujan, “The Pride of Fabens” makes her much awaited debut on the show and Michael Tipton chips in from across the country!

Vacil Zabanal makes his much anticipated return to the production booth as Michael Montes and Peter Carrillo bring you the best in sports!

Thank you to Blue Star Custom Uniforms, Hippy Girl Boutique and SmallCakes Cupecakery!

Special thanks to KTEP and Dennis Woo

Music by Emmanuel Montelongo and Sal Montes.

For the latest in UTEP news visit The Prospector 


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