Not the same Cleveland Browns we have grown to pity…

C’mon…admit it, you KNEW Cleveland was going to botch their first pick and take Mitch Trubisky over Myles Garrett didn’t you? Yet there you were, nodding your head approvingly as Roger Goodell announced their selection. To follow it up they picked up an extra 1st round pick in 2018 and grabbed Safety Jabrill Peppers and traded back back into the first round and grabbed what looks to be a freak in TE David Njoku.
The last two drafts have been the most promising drafts for the Browns in well over a decade and they aren’t slowing down, they are positioned to have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds in the 2018 NFL Draft with 2 of those being in the 1st round. Looking ahead I really hope we can see Cody Kessler play a full 16 game schedule because he showed promise in his 8 starts rarely turning the ball over. With what now appears to be one of the best O lines in football being fielded in Cleveland that should help keep him healthy. If I was a betting man (which I am) Cody and Brock will be taking the lumps while Sashi and Hue fill this team out over the next 2 years, before inserting Kizer. Everyone will be predicting them to nab one of the 4 1st round QB’s next year but they will do their due diligence and take who they figure to be the best RB (Barkely/Guice) and best CB (Minkah Fitzpatrick?) in the draft.
Now don’t confuse this as a proclamation of Cleveland being a playoff contender this year because its not…BUT, after being outscored by a combined 342 points in 28 losses the last two years expect a competitive Cleveland team barring absurd injuries. It’s not crazy to think we will see Cleveland winning 4-5 games this year while this very young teams gels and figures out an identity…add those 5 picks in the 1st & 2nd rd next year with a veteran piece or two we could very well see a Cleveland Brown playoff team come 2018, only time will tell if i am crazy or not.

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