Enough With the Mock Drafts!


The NFL Draft has come and gone, some players taken were locks at the position they were taken at, but some experts… got it completely wrong!

Kuddos to Mel Kiper Jr. who correctly chose the first four players off the board… that was not a hard thing to do, but he had the first three going to the wrong teams! Only Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey and Jarrad Davis were picked to go to the teams Kiper Jr. had selected them to go to! He’s an “expert” with a success rate of 9.4%! His counter part Todd McShay, had both Fournette and McCaffrey correct, and if the technicality were to be in play he had DeShaun Watson going to Houston with the 21st pick… Watson actually went 12th when the trade was made to Cleveland who for all intents and purposes, won the NFL Draft… Yeah the ONLY thing the Cleveland Browns have won in a while!

Look, I’m not hating, I understand that picking the draft is hard, but tomorrow we’ll have mock draft 2018 coming out, and these guys will be wrong. Do we really need someone to tell us “This team will take this guy!” Or can we just speculate amongst ourselves?

Side Note: Our Contributor Richard Gerber chose 4 out of the top 16 correctly for a percentage of 12.5… Maybe he should get a TV Show?

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