Dallas Cowboys

Queen Elizabeth Turns 91- Ready to Start Ahead of Tony Romo


The Dallas Cowboys and embattled QB, Tony Romo have agreed that it is time for both to pursue other options. For Dallas, Das Prescott is now the man, and for Romo it seems retirement is in the near future, even if he hasn’t filed the papers for the NFL just yet.

Today Romo shares his birthday with Queen Elizabeth II, which is nice that he was able to share a day with someone who was not dethroned and ruled with few interceptions. As reported by no one, Tony Romo’s birthday started off poorly. His suit for his CBS gig was lost, forcing him to wear one of his ill-fitting suits out in public. Romo’s signature “Starter” hat was forced forward for the first time in years, causing the former QB to lay on the floor of his home riving in pain, a sight most Cowboys fan can picture easily.

As Romo’s day continued, he learned that his reservation at one of Dallas’ most upscale restaurants, was fumbled when he handed it off to the mailman. Alone and forgotten, Romo returned home where his grandmother had made him 12 chorizo burritos, which he ate while watching highlights of Bret Favre.

Happy Birthday Tony!

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