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What’s Been Lost in the Death of Aaron Hernandez

As was reported by multiple media outlets, Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell in a maximum security prison in Massachusetts. This struck many people as odd since Hernandez did not show signs of depression and had he indicated to the prison guards that he wanted to hurt himself they would have moved him to the correct facility, according to a prison spokesman.

But what is lost about this tragic event isn’t the fact that a young man with the world ahead of him, made the wrong choices in life and was paying the price. It’s not the loss of a father to a little girl born into a situation she will never fully understand. No, what’s lost in all this circus is the family of the man Hernandez killed that landed him in prison in the first place.

The family of Odin Lloyd has been through so much during the trial, and now have to see the man who took the life of their beloved family member, once again on TV and being the headline.

Also lost in this tragedy, and it is a tragedy, I’m not sympathetic to Hernandez, but the story as a whole is tragic, is the assumption that depression is so openly identifiable. Depression hides inside those who have to battle it daily. It is not something you can see or pinpoint, it’s dark, deeply shoved into a corner of the mind and heart, ready to pounce on the person unlucky enough to harbor it.

Depression is as hidden inside a person as the family of Odin Lloyd is in todays breaking news. Hernandez didn’t show the signs because there is no sign when it comes to depression or suicide. Perhaps there should have been something done to help prevent this tragedy, but as the narrative has been for so long when it comes to Hernandez, the signs weren’t seen, and the worst did happen.

If you are, or know someone suffering from depression, please don’t suffer in silence, seek help. You can start by calling 1-800-273-8255.

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