Playoff Quality

If you are a person living under a rock, then you probably didn’t realize the NBA playoffs started just a few days ago. Let me just say, these games have been tolerable, it’s the first round and sometimes it can be hard to tune into a seven game series already knowing who will most likely advance.

As I sit on my couch with a bag of potato chips and an adult beverage, trying to see the Spurs take on the Grizzlies, it hits me. The first two rounds of the NBA playoffs should be best of five.

Over the weekend a few upsets occurred, but when it’s all said and done the better seed will be moving on. When the series is stretched to seven games it obviously favors the greater team; so why bother watching?

It’s clear the NBA makes its money during playoff time, but the quality of the first two rounds is quite poor. As a casual sports fan, there is no way you are watching a seven game series between Bucks and the Raptors.

When you minimize the series, every game becomes that much more crucial and if an eight seed happens to steal a game over the one seed; it gives the impression that an upset may be brewing.

The NFL is the ultimate sports leader, because it forces America to tune into every single game, every single week. One game is played and they move on to the next week, it is instant satisfaction of knowing the end result.

I believe the NBA needs to go back to a five game series, but this time lets make it until you reach the conference finals, then you can expand to seven. Reward the teams who make it further in the postseason by featuring them with a longer series; even baseball was smart enough to do this.

Make the fans feel that every game is precious and possibly their last chance to see a certain match-up, with fear of the series ending early.










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