Shootout Podcast 08 March 2017

IMG_2702This week’s Shootout Podcast welcomes in members of the West Texas Lions, of the MPFL, Stephen White and LeQuan McWhorter, as they recap their last game, and preview the upcoming match-up against the West Texas Pride out of Midland.

The guys tell us about their time with the Sun City Reapers, how LaQuan convinced Stephen out of retirement, and what challenges face the newly formed Lions this season. Stephen reminds us of his correct predictions from his last visit and they make bold predictions, even stating how some NFL teams will finish their season, and a bet a year down the road! It’s always a great time when the MPFL visits the Shootout Podcast.

Later Michael Tipton, Peter Carrillo, Michael Montes and Vacil Zabanal talk UTEP Men’s Basketball, The NFL, NBA and MLB! All this and much more on this week’s Shootout Podcast!

Thanks to Dennis Woo and the KTEP Studios.

Music By Emmanuel Montelongo and Sal Montes

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