U.S.A. Women March Their Way to The Quarters.

This pass week America has definitely seen the power of  what their women are capable of doing. Yes, I am talking about “girls tennis” and the Australian Open. The very first major of the year has brought us non-stop action and a few unbelievable upsets.

Once again the Williams sisters have found themselves in the quarterfinals despite the lack of confidence from many analyst. Last year the tennis experts thought Serena’s reign was coming to an end after only one grand slam victory in 2016. Venus on the other hand hasn’t been mentioned as a top player for the past few years now, but she too has found an extra spring in her step.

Though it’s great to have those two women competing the second week of a major, I feel U.S. tennis can always have an extra fresh face in the mix. Lucky for us that is exactly what is happening in this year’s Aussie Open. The 25 year old American Coco Vandeweghe has stole the show this tournament, displaying will and heart, while defeating world’s number one Angelique Kerber, landing her in the final eight.

Unfortunately we have been deprived from seeing most of the tournament, thanks to it being played in Melbourne. So here is some advice record it on your DVR and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I recognize there are not many fans of the game, but I do encourage people to make an attempt to watch.

Unlike the two NFL conference title games all the tennis matches have been quite competitive and filled with passion.  As our President once said “what the hell do you have to lose?”


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