Shootout Podcast 12 Jan 2017

img_2785This week the Shootout Podcast welcomes Darrill Schoonover and Sandra Escobar from Gorilla MMA as they bring in Amber and Isiah Torres who will be participating in the 75th Golden Gloves Boxing event held this Friday and Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 9 am. Amber and Isiah explain their love of Boxing, the boxer they idolize, the sports they used to play before the fire of Boxing took over their hearts, and how long would it take for them to knock out our own Peter Carrillo?

Later the guys recap their Wild Card round NFL Picks, who won the weekend, and who lost… big time?

Have you ever made a statement, had everything going your way, only to have it all fall out from under you less than an hour after it’s all been recorded? We did! Find out who was so wrong, literally minutes after the recording stopped… and who will be buying who beers this week?

We give our Divisional Round NFL Picks, our take on UTEP Basketball, and much much more!

Thanks to Dennis Woo and the KTEP Studios on the UTEP Campus

Music by Emmanuel Montelongo and Salvador Montes.

Categories: Boxing, NFL, Shootout Podcast, UTEP

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