Wildcard Weekend

Hey who is excited for a Brock Osweiler V Connor Cook barn burner? I know I’m not! But don’t worry, match ups like these always turn out crazy for other reasons, both of these QB’s will be playing for their lives for two different reasons and that alone will make this an interesting game to watch. Two things to watch tonight in this game…the outside pass rush from Clowney & Mercilus on Watson & Alexander (Donald Penn is going to miss this game). Also pay attention to AJ Bouye lining up across from Amari Cooper, Bouye has been shutting down WRs all year.

Oakland 13 Houston 17


Seattle almost let a game go last week against the 49ers…the Lions are on a 3 game losing streak with their last win being against the lowly Bears by a FG. Now they did lose last minute to who many consider to be the hottest team in the league in Green Bay but they were at home. I don’t like either of these teams chances going forward and both will go no further then next week, Ziggy Ansah should have a very productive day against George Fant but it wont be enough for Detroit

Lions 21 Seahawks 24

Miami’s secondary just isn’t ready for what they are about to face. Suh & Wake will not generate enough pressure to help them out and it will show by the day Big Ben is going to have on Sunday, 330 yards and 3 TDs will be more than enough to get by Miami, and that’s not including what Bell will add on the ground.

Miami 14 Pittsburgh 31

My favorite game of the week! I don’t doubt that the Giants defense can and will slow down Aaron Rodgers but will it be enough? Eli Manning and his offense has been playing terrible football for weeks now but the Packers secondary is the 2nd worst pass defense in football so if there is any match up they can get going again its against Green Bay. In the end though Rodgers will do more than Eli will and Green Bay will continue onto the Divisional round next weekend.

New York 14 Green Bay 21


Go ahead and look forward to these match ups for next weeks Divisional round

Houston @ New England

Pittsburgh @ Kansas City

Seattle @ Atlanta

Green Bay @ Dallas

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