UTEP Needs To Stop “Stulling”

Eight!!!……..That is the number of wins UTEP has if you combine both the Men and Women’s Basketball Programs, and UTEP’s Football team so far this season.

Last night, the men’s basketball team loss once again, to a very difficult 1-11 Maryland Eastern Shore Hawks, out of the powerful MEAC conference. This comes just a few days after losing a tough one to Northern Arizona.

UTEP Men’s basketball is currently on a 7 game slide and with the losses, comes the talk that Tim Flyod needs to go. However, as I pointed out the problem isn’t just with the men’s basketball team, it’s with the women’s team and the football program.

So, that being said do we ask for the heads of all the head coaches? I believe Athletic Director Bob Stull is the one to blame. I mean, Stull is responsible for all these programs isn’t he? On top of half ass attempts to get fans and students into the stands, the university has been pretty quiet, on responding to the continuing trend of athletes leaving the school. In fact, Bob Stull shows very little concern on the recent “train wreck” we call UTEP athletics.

Now, I will say there are great things Stull has done in his career as a coach and Athletic Director for UTEP but all things do come to an end, and it’s about that time for the “Bob Stull Era.”




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