Shootout Podcast 21 Dec 2016

image_0This week The Shootout Podcast reflects on the year that was. The great interviews, our favorite shows, people and the good times that helped make this show so special, as well as a thank you to those who have supported us throughout the year.

Before all that though, we talk about the failing UTEP Men’s Basketball team who lost to Maryland- Eastern Shore… Home to Harry the Hawk! (Yeah, they lost to that team, and it’s been a long slide) Check out Peter’s article here

We debate the Christian McCaffery story, and the potential his act of missing the Sun Bowl (due to improving his draft stock), can have on future bowl games, and what this means from an NFL stand point.

The guys talk NFL, The possible run the Cowboys can make in the playoffs, some NBA action, and we find out who went 13-3 in an extremely impressive performance picking games last week. Then we make our picks for this week and who was bold enough to pick a tie? Compare the guys to our expert, Richard Gerber.

Thanks as always to Dennis Woo and the KTEP Studios!

Music By: Sal Montes & Emmanuel Montelongo

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