NFL Week 15 Predictions

I rebounded slightly last week to 10-6 after a god awful week 13 6-9 debacle so I am trying to keep that trending upward this week with some pivotal match ups taking place.

My Thursday Night pick was LA over Seattle, Seattle being the most inconcsistant team in the NFL right now decided they would show up and play this week and pulled it out. 0-1

My Saturday night pick was Miami over the New York Jets…well the Jets were the Jets. 1-1

Green Bay over Chicago

Houston over Jacksonville

Bills over Browns

Ravens over Philly

Tennessee over Kansas City its going to be below 0 in KC today so the running game will be extra important today and only two teams in the NFL run the ball better than the Titans.

Lions over Giants The Giants and more specifically Landon Collins can make Stafford have to work extra hard today but in the end Their offense just wont put up enough points to beat them.

Vikings over Colts

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

Cardinals over Saints

Atlanta over San Francisco

Broncos over Patriots this was a tough one but recent history shows the Patriots don’t do well in Denver and they have the best secondary in the NFL. For the Pats to win their defense is going to have to shut down the Broncos…I don’t think it happens.

Raiders over Chargers

Tampa Bay over Dallas The Cowboys have really struggled the past two weeks & I think the struggles will continue against the HOT Tampa Bay Buccaneers who are on a 5 game win streak.

Redskins over Panthers on Monday Night


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