AFC East

What to take away from the NFL in Week 13

  1. The AFC West is The Best Division in the NFL! With the Raiders (10-2) and Chiefs (9-3) set to clash on Thursday December 8, 2016 for presumably the AFC West Title, its easy to forget that the Broncos are 8-4 on the season. The Chargers (5-7) are the weak spot in the division, and beat themselves most of the time. The AFC West has more than a possibility of getting three teams into the post season, it’s the reality!
  2. The Seattle Seahawks are Still Really Good! Coming off a game where Seattle lost to the Bucs and only scored 5 points… yes 5 points, it would be easy to see why some would second guess this team, however the Bucs are red hot right now, having defeated San Diego on the road 28-21 on Sunday. The way Seattle bounced back after that embarrassing loss? A 33 point thrashing of the Carolina Panthers who are a shell of themselves, after appearing in the Super Bowl last season, and improve to 8-3-1.
  3. The Patriots are Scary! Yeah, this isn’t news, but it is pure truth. Without Gronk, with a less than 100% Martellus Bennett, and with being able to establish a running game this team is more balanced than ever… oh yeah, they still have Tom Brady, and he’s really good.
  4. No one wants to win the AFC North. The Ravens are in first, the Steelers second (by percentage points) both sit at 7-5. Neither team has been able to put together a run, but both are coming off convincing wins against teams who previously boasted 6 game winning streaks. The Giants found their groove as of recently, even better Odell Beckham has stopped abusing kicking nets and the Dolphins were looking like a viable threat to make the playoffs. Then they ran into buzz saws, and the Dolphins making Joe Flacco look like Tom Brady. It was a bad day to have a 6 game winning streak…
  5. The Dallas Cowboys are for Real. Yes, this has been a debate somehow. The first team to make the playoffs thanks to the Giants and ‘Skins losing, the Cowboys strength of schedule (which has never been an issue for other teams long winning streaks) has come into question. However easy your schedule may be, you have to win the games on that schedule and Dallas has… some very convincingly. Rest assured Cowboys fans, they should lock up the division next week against the Giants.
  6. The 49ers are Terrible. Once again not news, but what is going on there? Keapernick is the starter, he’s not the starter, gets benched and produces 4 yards? Perhaps there’s light at the end of the tunnel, a Top 2 Pick in the Draft is in the sights!

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