WWE TLC Preview

wwe-tlc-2014-posterThe WWE has had some amazing events in the last few weeks. None more shocking than the Survivor Series on November 20th. With the return of the Iconic Bill Goldberg and his defeat of Brock Lesnar and the SmackDown upset in the Traditional Survivor Series Match over Raw, Survivor Series became one of the best in recent memory.

However, WWE looks to capitalize on that momentum with Sundays “Tables, Ladders and Chairs” PPV. The extreme reach that TLC always tries to attain, will be at a fever pitch with all the matches that are on the bill. Highlighted by AJ Styles’ defense of the WWE World Championship against Dean Ambrose. Get the WWE Network.

1. Kalisto v Baron Corbin (Chairs Match)

The first match of the night will be a great one, but it’s hard to see an upset here. With Corbin’s size, strength and overall brutal nature, it’s hard to think the much smaller Kalisto will even the playing field with a chair. Though Kalisto was able to ward off an attack by Corbin on Tuesday, there’s hardly any momentum for the Luchador as he takes on the Lone Wolf.

Corbin Wins!

2. Nikki Bella v Carmella (No DQ Match)

Carmella and Nikki have had quite the rivalry as of late. the Princess of Stanton Island has made somewhat of a name for herself after being the last pick in the Brand Extension Draft. Converting to Heel has helped make Carmella a viable force in the SmackDown Women’s Division and Nikki’s return from neck surgery, has made the former “Divas” Champion a target for Carmella to make a name for herself against. The two of them have a great ring chemistry and this match could be one of the best of the night.

Nikki Bella Wins!

3. Beauty and The Man Beast v Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton (SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match)

We all knew Randy always heard voices in his head, but who would have thought one of them was Bray Wyatt’s? Perhaps more unbelievable than The Viper’s allegiance with The Eater of Worlds, is the run that the only man not drafted has been on. Heath Slater, who has kids, went from un-drafted social outcast to Tag Team Championship Gold (or silver) with former politician Rhyno. Though the story has been funny and somewhat entertaining, it looks like Slater is going to have to return his above ground pool and hope for another way to keep up his payments on his new Double Wide. There’s no way anyone can pick against The Wyatt Family, especially now with Randy Orton on their side.

… And your NEW SmackDown Live Tag Team Champions… The Wyatt Family!

4. The Miz v Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match)

Sure it’s not Razor Ramon v Shawn Michaels, but it’s been a really good match-up over the last few months. With this incarnation being billed as the final installment of the rivalry between The Miz and The Showoff. The last few matches have been pure gold, but have had some pretty terrible endings. If all plays out the way it should and there is no outside interference (which there will be), then Dolph should win this match. However, the WWE is running with The Miz for some reason and it would be odd to see one of the most prestigious titles in wrestling history change hands yet again this year.

The Miz wins… thanks to Maryse!

5. Becky Lynch v Alexa Bliss (Women’s Championship Tables Match)

The Irish Lass Kicker has been, pardon the pun, Straight Fire since being the first woman drafted to the SmackDown Brand. Being the inaugural Women’s Champ for SmackDown, Becky Lynch hasn’t really defended the title all that often, or convincingly. Coming off her win in Scotland over Bliss, who tapped out while having her foot on the rope, left a lot to be desired in the match as a whole. One has to wonder if Lynch has recovered from her mystery ailment that delayed her defense of the Women’s Championship against Bliss. Five Foot of Fury has been on a tear as of recently and taps into a mean streak that can impress even the toughest critic of Women’s wrestling. However, Becky Lynch is the Champion and has the backing of the writers.

Becky Lynch Wins!

6. AJ Styles v Dean Ambrose TLC WWE World Championship Match

Probably the best match-up between two wrestlers on wither brand, AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose have had some of the most memorable matches in their short lived rivalry. Adding the unpredictability of a TLC match will only bring this rivalry to a high point and makes it the match to watch of the night. AJ Styles has traveled the long road to get to the WWE, and will not go down without a fight, and with a nickname like The Lunatic Fringe, Ambrose will do anything (as we’ve seen in the past) to win. Sit back, relax crack open a few adult drinks and enjoy this match up!

AJ Styles retains the WWE World Championship!

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