Shootout Podcast 29 November 2016


Michael Tipton, Michael Montes, Peter Carrillo and Vacil Zabanal of The Shootout Podcast welcome Robert Rosendary, aka The Patriot!

Robert tells us about a cross country walk he will be going on to spread the message of unity and togetherness, starting 4 Dec. 2016. What is his motivation? What does he hope to gain, and most importantly what can we do to help? For more information visit his Facebook page follow on Twitter!  Robert and the guys then discuss his favorite sports teams, and much more!

Later the guys discuss this past weeks NFL games and lock in our weekly predictions (Congrats to Peter for winning last week), Fantasy Football and the state of UTEP Athletics. What does the departure of Terry Winn and the other former Men’s Basketball players mean for the Tim Floyd led Miners? How will this effect the rest of the team, and how will UTEP’s season go from this point forward?

All this and more on this week’s Shootout Podcast, recorded at the KTEP Studios thanks to Dennis Woo!

Music by Emmanuel Montelongo, Salvador Montes and Hot Shot Kyxx (Daniel Paulus, Josh Philips, Lorenzo Corral and Juan Villalobos)

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