Shootout Podcast 24 November 2016

img_2371Michael Tipton, Peter Carrillo and Vacil Zabanal of The Shootout Podcast welcomes UTEP Volleyball player Ali Vidali! She tells us why she chose to move to UTEP from San Francisco, how the team came together, and what plans she has after the season. UTEP lost to NMSU 3-2 in the season finale, but Ali and the rest of the Women’s team played hard and still ended the season on a high note.


Later in the show, Sal Montes drops by to talk about the NBA’s hottest teams; the Spurs, Warriors, Clippers, OKC Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He tells us the secrets that each team has to reach their success thus far in the season. The bold statement of who will reach the NBA Finals and how far he thinks some of the League’s leading teams can go. Is there a future ownership of a certain Chicken Wing place, in Sal’s future?

Then Peter and Mike give their NFL Recap and NFL predictions!!

Thanks to Dennis Woo and the KTEP Studios.

Music by Emmanuel Montelongo and Salvador Montes.

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