Charlie Strong And Jurgen Klinsmann Both Get The Boot But Whose Week Was Worse

Two different football coaches were sent packing from their teams this week. Charlie Strong and Jurgens Klinsmann, both have struggled to win in recent weeks and it seems like their superiors have decided to go in different directions.

Charlie Strong is 16-20 in the 3 years as Head Coach for the University of Texas, far from the expectations many had when he left Louisville for Austin. Despite his rough run, Strong may be able to salvage something. Strong will be on the sidelines against TCU and with a win, will send the Longhorns to a bowl game but with a loss, Strong will end his career with 3 consecutive 7 loss seasons.

On the other hand, now former U.S. Men’s Soccer  Head Coach,  Jurgen Klinsmann, suffered back to back losses, a 2-1 loss to Mexico and an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Costa Rica. Unlike Strong, Klinsmann may not have been as well liked by his players, with his questionable recruiting and play strategies. However, one can argue that Klinsmann’s take on U.S. Soccer was the shake up that they needed. Klinsmann, went 55-27-16 in 5 1/2 years as head coach for the Americans. A few of Klinsmann’s notable accomplishments include a 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup title, leading the U.S. to the second round of the 2014 World Cup and a huge victory in Estadio Azteca against Mexican rivals, the first time ever for the U.S.

So all that being said, I believe Charlie Strong is having the worse week of the two. Jurgen Klinsmann is leaving with a positive legacy regardless of recent struggles. As for Strong he still has to go out and coach knowing win or lose he’s still gonna go down as a part Longhorn footballs “Dark Ages.”

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